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Fish by Anonymous 2018-04-11 22:39:47 UTC

By the creepy trees #UnderwaterObjects

By the creepy trees #UnderwaterObjects

Latitude, Longitude: 41.74398716, -88.85536509

Temperature: 55.6

Dew Point: 54.9

Humidity: 97

Pressure: 29.97

Conditions: Clear Clear

Anonymous2018-04-11 22:45:57 UTC

Oh I hate underwater objects, they freak me out.

Anonymous2018-04-12 03:30:24 UTC

Lake Shabbona! There are some houses and a church or something under the water in that lake that were flooded in after they dammed it up

Anonymous2018-04-16 17:33:28 UTC

Eww what’s in his mouth?

Anonymous2018-04-16 17:40:16 UTC

That’s the bait used to catch the fish haha