How to Dispose of Camping Toilet Waste The Right Way

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Today’s topic is something that would sound pretty less polite to bring randomly in any conversation. Because nobody likes to talk in detail about handling toilet waste. However, when you are planning and preparing for campsites, you need to find out about where to go and of course the proper way to dispose of those gross things.

So even if it’s not a very fun topic, I’d still like to bring your attention on how to dispose of camping toilet waste and other common things you’ll need to know regarding that.

How to Dispose of Human Waste from Portable Toilets While Camping?

To understand how to dispose of camping toilet waste from a portable toilet, you first need to determine if it’s a small-scale or large-scale waste you’re handling. Depending on that, the place to dispose of would vary.

Mostly for a smaller scale, you can go with disposing of through the main sewage system. Sometimes there are waste point as well that needs to be used. Most camping and RV sites would have such designated areas, you should get the information from authorities of the site.

The whole process to dispose of human waste while camping is basically a few segments of emptying the toilet, rinsing it, and them refilling through proper disinfectant. A few more things are also necessary. Keep in mind that most portable options are only suitable for light use. So, if you are taking quite a lot of people with you for the trip, pay attention to buying a higher use rate toilet and make sure it comes with convenient washing facilities.

Let’s talk about the disposal method from start to beginning a bit more deeply…

Start By Emptying the Portable Toilet

Usually, a portable toilet for camping comes with two tanks. And these are for freshwater as well as waste separately. Usually, the ones that come with such separated two tanks are the best ones to bet on for camping needs.

Anyway, you should find a latch. This needs to be undone so that both tanks can be detached. You can now handle each tank separately, simply get the waste containing one to empty it.

Also, don’t forget to wear proper gloves and a face mask if possible. All the gross things should not touch your skin and, the smell would be very bad so the face mask should help. You can use the portable toilet bag disposal for holding the waste.

Now if you don’t have such bags, then you’ll need to carry the tank to the designated dumping location. For such purposes, usually, the rotating spout toilets are great. Because of this spout, you can easily finish the emptying task quite further away from your reach.

However, if the toilet does not have one, then make sure to hold it as further as you can while dumping. Because otherwise, it will splash all over you and that’s awfully not right.

Registered Camper Dump Station

How to Dispose of Camping Toilet Waste to The Designated Area?

About the disposal locations, there are the ones that come with open grids. While there is also the type that comes with a box configuration built-in including lids. Of course, you will need to open the lid first to work ahead.

If you are trying to dispose of toilet waste bags then burying can be an option too. Using a trowel make a 6-8 inches hole. This should be a beaten path along with the spot. You can squat over it and then let all the waste get inside hole. Finally, use dirt and any surrounding mud or sand to refill the hole.

After Disposal Make Sure to Wash the Toilet

There should be a tap or hose located near the disposal areas. And these are there to help you get your portable toilet clean. Now first you want to fill the whole waste tank with fresh water. Then just give it a good swirl. Don’t forget to have the lid on top. Because otherwise, you may get a sudden splash due to whirling around.

Get rid of the water from tank into the disposal area. And repeat the washing process a couple of times. Your waste tank would be cleaned thoroughly afterward.

Getting Things Back Together

Now if you are going to not use the portable toilet again, just get rid of all the water from tank and keep it packed in the storage area. However, if you are going to use it, then leave a little bit of water.

Then you want to refill the fresh water tank. Finally, get both tanks to their place and finish the reassembling. The toilet also goes back to its original position. Once you are finished, remove gloves. Put them in a trash bin and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly or use some hand sanitizers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Human Waste Disposal Law To Know?

The EPA or environmental protection agency has some rulings on the untreated human waste landfill disposal. It’s not allowed until you use some waste bags that are landfill-safe. You also need to ensure that the bags are disposed of properly. When handling waste from a toilet system, it needs to go into sewage that is designated dump station.

The Most Common Method For Dispose Of Poop When Camping?

One of the very frequently used methods for disposing of human waste is catholes. You should be able to spot these from camp at 200 feet at least. Areas that are hardly suitable for walking and camping, such inconspicuous sites are best for disposal. You can use a tiny garden trowel for digging 4-6 inches deep holes to dispose of.

Where To Dispose Of Camping Toilet Waste On A Smaller Scale?

You can go for disposing of through the main sewage system if waste scale is smaller comparatively. There are waste points as well that you can find on camping sites as well as RV sites.

Wrap Up

And now you know how to dispose of camping toilet waste properly. Not having a proper portable camping toilet can really be inconvenient as then you are left with no choice but to go into the woods for every type of nature’s call.

However, having the portable camping toilet means you are excused from such awkward trips but then again, it brings the job of properly handling waste contents. And hopefully, this piece of writing was able to teach you the right way of handling it. Good Luck!

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