How To Pee At Night While Camping in Woods or Remote Areas

Before going to the camp, it gets essential to think of a few basic matters. For example, the urination system. This is especially important for nighttime camping.

You want to start by picking a decent spot and dig. Put a portable tent in that spot and insert 2 light lamps. Then, get a device like a disposable bag, FUD, or portable toilet and sit in a squat position for peeing. Wash the private parts and hands. Lastly, drop the waste in the bin.

I’ll explain the process in-depth so that you can know exactly how to pee at night while camping in woods or any remote area. Let’s Begin!

How To Pee At Night While Camping

Here’s How To Pee At Night While Camping!

Simply sitting on the ground and urinating is a basic solution for anyone who needs to pee at night. But people around you will see which most dislike. The best thing you can do in that case is to prepare before by doing the 8 steps:

You Need These Tools:

Step 1: Choose A Location

Near the camping spot and tend to find a decent location that seems flat and even. Place something to mark the area if you tend to forget. Be sure the spot contains trees.

Step 2: Dig A Hole In The Land

Grab the camping shovel and dig the area where you want to urinate. I know this might seem like a big job but it’ll help a lot for future use as well. This will help you avoid catching the urine in your feet.

Step 3: Place The Portable Outdoor Tent

Bring the portable outdoor tent to the location and set it up. This will require the help of other people to set up the tent.

In case you don’t have a tent, just use a long piece of cloth, and wrap it around the surrounding trees. Makes sure it is round and has an opening to get inside. Just ensure no one is seeing you.

Step 4: Set Up Portable Lights

Bring decent portable lights (it would be sufficient if you get 2 pieces). Then, hang them on trees or maybe place them on the ground whichever you prefer. Just ensure you can see at night to avoid catching snakes or other harmful insect attacks.

Step 5: Pick The Right Device For Urination

Now, you’ll have to single out one of the given techniques to do urination based on the situation.

  • Use the quality and reliable FUD like the Sunany Female Urination Device if you are planning to sit down and pee directly (good for crucial situations).
  • Insert the disposable urine bags under your private part and simply finish the urination (good for lazy folks).
  • Place a big enough portable toilet like the Camco Portable Toilet to simply sit and finish your urination with no issue of splash or embarrassment (good for camping days).

Note: If you don’t have anything mentioned above, it would be better to go to the next step.

Step 6: Sit In Squat Position And Pee

After picking the right device for urination, you need to sit in a squat position. A study showed that the position of squat helps to maintain the pressure of fluid (pee) in the right way. 

However, if you are using a portable toilet, then it’s better to sit. Regardless of your position, just ensure you are in the middle of the hole.

Next, do your urination work, and be sure to wait for a little. Once you are sure that there’s no fluid coming, then maintain the position.

Step 7: Wash Your Private Parts And Hand

While you are in the sitting or squatting position, take a water bottle and wash your private parts. I know most people in Europe don’t wash instead use wipes or toilet paper to wipe their urine.

But, one study shows that not using water and continuous wiping of toilet paper or wipes can cause pain and irritation in the private parts. In fact, it increases the chance of urinary tract infection issues. 

If you want to avoid getting infection, just wash your private area and then use the tissue paper. Ensure the water that you’ve used is going in the hole. Be sure to wash your hands as well.

Step 8: Disposal Of The Waste

Lastly, you might need to do the disposal works of the waste based on what device. Let me explain that in detail below:

  • Wash the FUD if that’s what you’ve chosen. 
  • Take the disposal urine bag that you’ve used and place it in a waste bag.
  • For the portable urinate, you only need to close the hole and open the side cap so that the urine goes into the hole (that you dig earlier). 

How To Pee Without Leaving Tent!

If the weather seems cold and freezing that you can’t go outside, then it’s best to stay inside and use the given techniques. Here’s the detail:

  • Use the camping pee bottle to easily do your urinating work inside the tent. This might be embarrassing to do in front of camp members. So, try this if you sleep alone or with close ones!
  • In urgent situations, try out the pee bags that will work for the same reason.
  • If you’ve nothing on your sides, you can also use the hot bottle bag to do the urination work.

Note: Do not try the above techniques unless you have no other choice.

Wrap Up

Peeing at night while camping is a sure thing that will happen and so you folks should know about the arrangements beforehand. It’s always pick and pack all the essentials together during a camp time.

You can also try to drink less water and keep your body hot to prevent the chances of frequent urination. Also, avoid taking beverages and try to sleep up to 8 hours.

Hope This Helps!

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