Top 5 Best Queen Size Inflatable Mattress for Camping

Best Queen Air Mattress for Camping

Camping is fun but there’s a catch. You got to have all the things you need to get you covered. Tools, lights, cameras, go-pros and what not. But at the end of the day, if you can’t have a sound sleep, you can say all your fun-days goodbye.

To make you feel like home, you should get your hands on the best queen size inflatable mattress for camping. With this mattress, you won’t even miss the comfy bed you left in your home. As you sleep on it, you’ll get all the lullaby that will put you to sleep almost instantly.

Feeling the need for an air mattress? Awesome, I’m going to show you the five best inflatable mattresses that have been dominating the marketplace. Trust me, as you’ll take a look at them, you’ll definitely say ‘Take all my money.’

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s hit the reviews.

Top 5 Queen Size Air Mattress at a Glance

Lazery Sleep inflatable most durable queen air mattress for campingLazery Sleep Inflatable Quin Air MattressSize: 76″ x 58″ x 17″
Weight: 18.71 pounds
Capacity: 500 Pounds
best camping air mattress for couplesEZ INFLATE Queen Size Double HIGH Raised Air MattressSize: 80″L x 60″W x 16″
Weight: 8.04 Kilograms
Capacity: 600 Pounds
best queen size air mattress for campingOlarHike Queen Air Mattress Single High Raised Air BedSize: 80″L x 60″W x 9″
Weight: ‎6.6 Kilograms
Capacity: 600 Pounds
SoundAsleep best camping air mattress for couplesSoundAsleep Air Mattress with Comfort Coil TechnologySize: 78″L x 58″W x 19″
Weight: ‎8.6 Kilograms
Capacity: 500 Pounds
King Koil best queen camping air mattressKing Koil Luxury Double High Raised Air MattressSize: 80″L x 60″W x 20″
Weight: 7.71 Kilograms
Capacity: 600 Pounds

Top 5 Best Queen-Size Air Mattress for Camping Reviews

Below are the top 5 Inflatable mattresses I’ve been talking about. Give the reviews a read and don’t forget to keep notes. The features will make you go mind-boggled.

1. Lazery Sleep Inflatable Air Mattress – 76″ x 58″ x 17″ Electric Airbed with Built-in Pump & Carry Bag

Lazery Sleep inflatable most durable queen air mattress for camping

Want the perfect cushion as you lie on a mattress. The inflatable mattress from Lazery Sleep can be your best pick. Durability, comfort, functionality, you name it, this mattress churns out everything that you deserve.

Looks don’t matter? Of course, it does and Lazery Sleep inflatable mattress makes one hell of an impression when it comes to outlooks. (I mean, of course, you wouldn’t want to buy something that looks pale.)

Feature Highlights
  • The mattress has got a premium design that will make you go wow.
  • Adapts to the shape of your body and ensures you the comfort zone you need.
  • The set includes a built-in electric pump which takes a few minutes to inflate the mattress.
  • 40 air coils and waterproof feature confirms the durability of the product.

As you take a look at it, the sleek design with a smooth finish might get locked inside your head. You can’t stop saying ‘Wow’ when you’ll see the red color on the top that has blended in seamlessly with the white.

Have a sit on it, the way it adapts to your body shape will make you go ‘mmm!’, thanks to the soft cushion the mattress offers you.

Even though it takes a giant shape, it will take you just a few minutes to blow it up to its full size. Do you have to blow it all by yourself? Not at all. The whole set comes with an electric pump that backs you up with the air you need.

You can recharge the pump using the practical car charger the set offers you. Just give it only 3 minutes and Voila! Your giant air mattress is ready?

Did I say queen size? Well, it is a queen camping mattress. However, you can also get a twin size as well.

As far as durability is concerned, the mattress not only boasts 40 air coils to confirm durability but also comes with gripped bottom for slip-resistant performance.

The waterproof attribute you’re getting is, of course, a cherry on top.  All these features make sure you can use this mattress for a long run with no issues at all.

2. EZ INFLATE Queen Size Luxury Double HIGH Raised Inflatable Mattress for Home or Camping

best camping air mattress for couples

Do you want quality and functionality? Well, you got it. EZ INFLATE air mattress may not be the best queen size camping mattress, but it surely is one of the bests.

From now on, you can always have your comfort zone right beside you. All you gotta do is trust Soarz Queen as your best alternative.

First thing’s first. The sleek design of the air mattress shimmers will impress you no matter what. It has got a premium look which will impress you in the first place. So let it be camping, you can always have your style uncompromised.

Feature Highlights
  • The soft-cushioning lets you feel the soft embrace as you sleep on it.
  • With 14% more coils, your weight gets distributed on it evenly.
  • Can withstand up to 2 adults and 650 lbs of weight altogether.
  • It comes with a compact shape so it doesn’t eat up your space too much

Now it’s time for you to check out whether it gives you the comfort zone you deserve. Well, it does.

The soft-flocked top gives you the perfect cushion as you sit or lie on the mattress. The marshmallow-like feel takes over your body while you feel the soft embrace.

Since it has got 14% more coils than the typical junks you’ll find in the market, you get to feel better weight distribution.

Besides, you don’t have to sleep alone. The mattress can easily handle the weight of two adults if your weight is 650 lbs all together. Quite impressive, huh?

The mattress surely is a big one, but you don’t need to get all those goosebumps when you think of blowing it up. It simply takes 3 to 4 minutes max to inflate the air inside the mattress.

After you’re done with it, you can simply fold the mattress and keep it inside places with space issues. Don’t worry, it won’t take too much space to fit in, thanks to the compact design the mattress comes with.

Moreover, since you can raise this air bed to 18 inches off the ground, it’s the perfect catalyst to go for when you go camping. This will keep the ants and insects off of your reach.

3. OlarHike Queen Air Mattress Inflatable Single High Raised Air Bed for Camping with Pump

best queen size air mattress for camping

I know how looks matter a lot. I mean no matter what everyone says, you can’t compromise style. But on the other hand, you want durability and a full-functioning air mattress.

Well, if you want the best of both worlds, you can try Olar Hike Queen air mattress. Yep, this can be your pick if you want the best queen size air mattress for camping.

Feature Highlights
  • Special inner construction reduces fatigue and increases your comfort.
  • Heavy-duty and anti-leak construction confirm ultimate durability.
  • It can handle up to 600 pounds of weight.
  • Blowing it up to the fullest takes only 3 to 4 minutes.

As you go camping, you can woo your fellow camping mates with the premium design and sleek finish the mattress comes with.

The white top has made its way to the greyish black color on the sides of the mattress. You can see the label ‘Olar Hike’ which shows you a dominating aura.

As you take a nap or even sleep on it, you’ll hardly find the difference between your real bed and air mattress. Fatigue? Well, thanks to the special inner construction the mattress offers you, you can say your fatigues goodbye.

Besides, to support each and every part of your body while giving you a relaxing mood, Olar Hike comes with a unique belt surface. So, if you’re more like an insomniac person, you can say goodbye to your sleepless nights.

So, you’ve got the looks and the function. Wondering if it’s going to be durable? Durability is the surefire thing the mattress has got. Unlike the typical ones, this mattress has got upgraded welding seams. This joins hands with the thick fabric layer.

Inflate it to the fullest and it will give you an awesome performance straight up to 48 hours without getting leaked at all.

Talking about leaks, it doesn’t even matter if you along with your partner sleeps on the mattress. It can handle up to 600 pounds of weight, thanks to the inner coil air-beam construction.

Even though it looks huge, it just needs 3 to 5 minutes to inflate it. The whole set includes a built-in electric pump which lets you inflate and even deflate your airbed and adjust its firmness.

After you’re done with it, just simply take the air out and store it anywhere, even in a small space.The mattress is super-compact and eats up a little space, so storing it won’t be a problem.

4. SoundAsleep Air Mattress with Comfort Coil Technology – Queen Size Inflatable Air Mattress

SoundAsleep best camping air mattress for couples

‘SoundAsleep’, what pops inside your head when you hear the name? You’re picturing yourself having a nice cozy sleep, right? Well, with this mattress on your arsenal, sleeping smoothly won’t be a problem even if you go camping.

The industry-leading design it shimmers will make you go wow as you take a look at it. The blue top mixes with the white finish at the sides.

It’s a perfect blue and white combination which makes the air mattress one of a kind when it comes to looks.

Feature Highlights
  • The SureGrip bottom stops the mattress from sliding.
  • With the 40 internal air coils, you’ll have the ultimate durability.
  • Puncture-resistant PVC fabric saves the mattress from wears and tears.
  • It comes with an electric pump and it takes just 4 minutes to inflate it up.

As you take this mattress for camping, your friends will definitely check your mattress out.

Typical mattresses have one problem in common. They tend to slip and slide a lot. You can say your sliding days goodbye with SleepAsleep though.

The SureGrip bottom allows the air mattress to hold on to its position and avoid sliding. As you sleep on it, there’s no chance your mattress will slide from now on.

When it comes to withstanding tough situations, this one is one of a kind. No, I’m serious, you can just run a car over it, you won’t see a single tear on it.

Thanks to the 40 internal air-coils the mattress proudly comes with, the mattress can take a beating.

To take the durability on its peak, the mattress uses puncture-resistant PVC which of course is eco-friendly. The waterproof flocked top saves the mattress from damage if it gets in contact with water.

Who says you can’t have enough space to sleep on this mattress with your partner? Surely you can. This mattress has enough room for adults.

Now, hold on to your horses Mister (or shall I say Miss?), even though you can inflate the SoundAsleep to an enormous size, it just takes not more than 4 minutes to blow it up. Once inflated, it can stay on that state for days.

5. King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress with Built-in Pump – Queen Size Inflatable Airbed

King Koil best queen camping air mattress

Luxury, you saw it right. King Koil holds on to the term pretty seriously. And your search for the best queen camping mattress may come to 5an end with this luxury.

If you’re someone like me who always love to choose between black in white, you really will love the looks of this air mattress.

The best part? It offers you the perfect combination of both black and white colors.  While the top is white the sides and most parts of this heavy-duty mattress are black. For which, it gives you a premium aura every time.

Feature Highlights
  • The coil beam construction saves your mattress from tears and punctures.
  • With the soft-flocking layer, you get the ultimate cushioning.
  • The waterproof feature saves the mattress from damage when it gets in contact with water.
  • It’s very light in weight and compact in shape.

Now that’s just the looks, you don’t the durability and functionality to be compromised, do you? Amazing! The coil beam construction has got a puncture and tear resistance feature, so punctures and getting wears is the last thing you’ll need to worry about.

As your body lands on it, you’ll have the warm embrace of the cushion it gives you. The soft flocking layer lets you experience what it feels like if you sleep on a giant marshmallow.

Besides, no one says you have to sleep all alone. The mattress has got enough room for two adults.

Accidentally spilled some water on your mattress? Don’t let your eyebrows jump. Unlike the mainstreams, this mattress comes with a waterproof feature.  This backs you up against any type of damage you can get from spilling a huge amount of water.

Now, this mattress can be a giant, but you’ll be mistaken if you think it’ll take you a long time to blow it up. Not at all, sir.  You can inflate the mattress up within 2 minutes.

While inflated, you’ll find King Koil mattress to be super lightweight. So even if you want to carry it while it’s in the inflated state, you can do so.

It keeps its inflation state up to around 4 days straight. When you’re done with it, just keep it anywhere in a small space.

Queen Air Mattress for guest or Camping

Things to Consider Before Buying an Inflatable Mattress

Now that you’ve gone through the reviews, you can’t just shut down your PC and run to get yourself a mattress. At least, if you don’t know what things you should consider before buying a mattress, chances are, you’ll end up buying the wrong one.

Well, to make sure you can save yourself from all those bummers, take a look at the things you should consider before buying a mattress for camping.


Not just mattresses, you have to look for durability while buying anything. Now, typical mattresses won’t last long, and they have a good reason for that. They’re not heavy-duty, so what can you expect from these mattresses, right?

So get yourself a camping mattress that can survive all the toughest conditions no matter what. It should be heavy-duty and tear-proof. If you buy a mattress that has got a waterproof attribute, that’s a plus as well.

Weight Handle

Imagine you bought a mattress and as you sit on it, the mattress bursts out. Well, this is what happens with the typical ones. They just can’t handle your weight.

This is why getting a mattress that can counter all your weight is a must. You can get the ones that can handle at least 650 lbs of weight.


If your camping mattress doesn’t have enough room for you and your partner, that one needs to go right away. While you have to literally struggle a lot to sleep on the typical ones, there are others that have got a wide span of room for you and your partner.

Electric Pump

A lot of camping mattresses don’t even have an electric pump. To inflate it up, you got to buy a different electric pump separately from the store. Now, this will give you a hard time.

To make sure you don’t go through any hassle, get yourself a mattress that has offered you a built-in electric pump with its set. You can use that electric pump to blow your mattress,


The more the coils, the better the comfort and durability of your mattress. Getting your hands on a mattress that has at least 40 coils in its arsenal is a must.

Anti-Grip Feature

As you’ll use the mattress for camping, you’re most likely going to use it on your floor. That’s where the problem starts. You see, most mattresses have slippery bottoms. As you lay on them, they’ll tend to get slipped now and then.

To wave off all the problems, you can get yourself a mattress that has got an anti-grip feature on its rig. This will allow the mattress to hold onto its position tightly.

Final Words

Well, that was pretty much it about the best queen-size inflatable mattress for camping. Now that you’ve gone through all the reviews and know all the dos and don’ts (thanks to the buying guide), you’ll be good to go to buy one.

Now, all of these products have their own uniqueness. Each of these products is amazing according to its own features. So, think less and grab your air mattress right away.

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