How To Reloft A Down Sleeping Bag – Methods + Preventions!

Due to busy hours or lack of attention, sometimes leaving the down sleeping bag in a sack causes loftiness. It can happen often as people travel, get tired, and then forget the essential stuff.

The 4 ways that will help you restore or re-loft the down sleeping bag are –

  • Hand vibration or shake.
  • Using the dryer machine & balls.
  • Hang the bag and beat it.
  • Wash & dry it (machine or hand wash).

If you are interested to know their procedure, today’s the day. Because I am gonna share these exactly how to reloft a down sleeping bag using different methods, along with some tips to prevent the deloft thing.

How To Reloft A Down Sleeping Bag

Discover The 4 Ways How To Reloft A Down Sleeping Bag.

It’s time to show you the right techniques to reloft your down sleeping bag. After trying these, you’ll never see your bag as a piece of bread with no fluff. Let’s learn together.

Method 1: Hand Vibration Or Shake.

  • Take out the bag from the stuff sack.
  • Hold the down sleeping bag in a straight position.
  • Shake it 3 to 4 times using your hand.
  • Immediately put it on the ground.
  • If you are seeing slight fluff, then it’s working. Just wait for it to fully loft.

Method 2: Use A Dryer Machine & Balls.

  • Check the instructions of the machine and down bag to avoid anything bad beforehand.
  • Place the down sleeping bag inside the dryer machine (no heat).
  • Add some dryer balls or wipe out sneakers.
  • Release the clamps and zipper.
  • Start the cycle and wait for it to finish.
  • Let it rest until you see it restored the loftiness.

Warning: Some folks suggest using the low heat which I would never recommend as it can cause melt or fire issues.

Method 3: Hang & Beat The Bag.

  • Hang your bag in a hangable place like a clothesline or rack.
  • Gently massage or tap the clumps using your hand. Focus on the feathers, not the fabric.
  • Hold a washing paddle or tennis racket to beat the bag from up to the bottom areas.
  • Continue doing it under sunny weather and it’ll slowly start to restore the loft.

Method 4: Wash The Bag.

If you prefer front-loading washing machine, then –

  • Read the down sleeping bag instruction on the washing sector before doing anything.
  • Detach all the tiny parts like straps or other stuff.
  • Unzip the bag fully.
  • Use a suitable cleaner that is made for the down sleeping bag (not harsh) like the Nikwax Down Wash Direct. Add the washing balls.
  • Switch the knob on the delicates/knits cycle mood. Click on the Start button.
  • Wait for it to finish (approximately 36 – 40 minutes).
  • Dry it naturally then check for the loftiness.

Those who prefer hand washing mimic the given steps –

  • Clean your bathtub. If you don’t have one, then use a large bucket.
  • Insert the down sleeping bag inside the stuff sack.
  • Fill water in the bathtub or large bucket.
  • Place the bag inside the water to be fully damp. Use hand pressure and gradually pull out the bag from the sack so that water reaches everywhere.
  • Add two-three cups of liquid soap inside the water.
  • Gently massage the bag so that soap reaches all the way.
  • Let it rest there for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Drain the water and roll it to squeeze the soapy water out.
  • Again, fill the bathtub or bucket with fresh water and insert the bag.
  • Massage the bag for 5 minutes.
  • Do the (7 – 10) steps two times.
  • Drain the water and squeeze it out.
  • Place the bag under a big towel. Roll it like a sandwich and press to remove the extra water.
  • Air-dry it outside and it’ll bring the loftiness.

How To Prevent Down Sleeping Bag From Deloft?

To stop the down sleeping bag from getting deloft, follow the given care tips which will help in the future:

  • Keep the down sleeping bag clean and tidy.
  • Store it by hanging in a loose state just like wardrobe clothes using a hanger and storage bag.
  • Check the state of the bag once a month.
  • Avoid keeping the down sleeping bag decompressed for too long especially when traveling or camping. This cause losing the loftiness.
  • Never allow your bag to get soil. Try using the tent which has an opening and closing options to prevent that.
  • Remove makeup and wash your face to avoid damaging the down feathers. Your skin contains natural oil which is not a good thing for a down sleeping bag.
  • Use waterproofing spray to keep the tent raintight so it doesn’t get moist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often to wash down sleeping bag?

It is suggested by experts to wash the down sleeping bag once after every year if being packed for a long while. You should wash it before 20 days of hiking or camping.  

How long do down sleeping bags last?

In most cases, the down sleeping bag would last for around 10 to 15 years if contain higher fill power and proper care. Otherwise, it might not survive further than 5 years.

Can you compress a down sleeping bag?

Yup! Although you can compress it, still try not to keep the down sleeping bag in that state for a long period. It will damage the fibers and insulation by causing fill power to become deloft.  

Wrapping Up

Focusing on the fibers and fill power, you can get back the loftiness of a down sleeping bag. It takes around 60 minutes to complete each technique.

By chance, if none of the above methods don’t restore the down loft, then you have to get help by taking it to an expert who will fix it quickly and perfectly.

So, that’s how to reloft a down sleeping bag. Hopefully, it helps you to know the techniques right to try them. Now, Get Up & Do It!

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