This Is How to Roll Up a Coleman Sleeping Bag!

Being a popular brand in the industry, the Coleman sleeping bags have a unique design that needs techniques to tuck and store the right way.

Learning these from the manual might seem confusing as the directions are not well explained. So, how to roll up a Coleman sleeping bag?

Rather than feeling stuck and doing nothing, you should try out the following steps which I’ll break down in paras so that you can mimic them easily.

Here’s the direction with additional helpful details!


4 Steps to Roll Up a Coleman Sleeping Bag

In this section, I’ll mention the secret Coleman wrap and roll sleeping bag instructions which are easy to try in real life. Take a close look down below.

Bring The Gears

You might need some of the home gear to make the following steps possible without causing problem. If you are wondering about the tools, read the list:

  • Sleeping bag.
  • Long straps (If your sleeping bag contains straps, then it isn’t necessary).
  • Duct tape.

Start Spreading the Sleeping Bag

After bringing all the tools with you, prepare for spreading the sleeping bag. Follow the directions:

  • Take out the loops, secure ties, straps, and other accessories from the bag. It’ll help you to flatten the bag easily.
  • Pick a floor first which is tidy and neat to get the job done.
  • You need to use your hand to make the bag flat and even on the floor. Don’t miss an inch of it!

Reminder: Keep the bag flatter on the ground as it’ll cause better support to roll up with no extra effort.

Fold The Bag in Two

No matter if the bag is rectangular, mummy, or just square-shaped, you need to bend it in half to move to the following step.

  • Open the zip of the sleeping bag.
  • Then, use your hand and match the length to make the bag into 2 while making sure it is flat as possible.
  • Press the bag lengthwise to remove any air bubble.
  • Now, run your hand on the bag surface widthwise to decrease the air if it contains some.
  • Lastly, make sure the 2 sides are flawlessly aligned.

Roll Up the Sleeping Bag

It’s now time to roll the bag up in the right way. One of the most effective sleeping bag folding hacks is to attach the toggle and loop. This will help the bag to stay in position. After that, do the following steps:

  • Put the duct tape or other similar weight objects at the tip of the bag to keep it steady. It’ll help when you start to roll up.
  • To roll up Coleman sleeping bag, hold the foot side (bottom) of the bag and roll it smoothly. Be sure to roll it while pressing and curl the bag to the top.
  • Squeeze the bag to make it small and tight using your knees or feet while rolling the bag.
  • Adjust the position of the duct to take a little bit if the top side unravels while you are rolling.
  • After rolling the bag push it to squeeze out all the air. You can use your feet or knees to do that faster.
  • Insert the secure ties, loops, straps, and other accessories back into the place.
  • Use a rope or long strap to keep the bag like that for storing in a sack or carrier. If you don’t have it at home, try the Coleman Sleeping Bag Strap as it’ll work fine.

Reminder: Keep in mind, that a thicker bag size causes more movement when you are rolling.

How to Zip a Coleman Sleeping Bag

  • Keep the sleeping bag on the clean floor and make it flat like unleavened bread.
  • Fold the bag in half. To do that, make the shape triangle by putting the opposite corners in an aligned way.
  • Now, hold the zipper and drag it to the top (through the initial little slops). Be sure the bag is nicely zipped by allowing 1 to 2 feet of space in the end. It’ll help you to climb simply.   
  • Enter the sleeping bag space and close the leftover zipping to sleep tight.

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Wrap Up

The procedure might seem big but when you follow them it’ll get easier. That’s pretty much all you should learn to fold a sleeping bag of Coleman in an accurate manner.

Keep in mind you’ll need gear to do the steps which can’t be skipped. So, prepare with them when trying the above method.

Plus, there’s a quick guide about the zipping technique in case you are curious. Hope you’re not asking how to roll up a Coleman sleeping bag again.

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