The Best Memory Foam Camping Pillows of 2024 [Most Comfortable]

Best Memory Foam Camping PillowIt’s difficult to get a tight sleep when you travel in unknown places. Even a slight bedding change can affect sleep quality. If the pillow isn’t comfort, it becomes even worst.

We have tried firm to soft, thick to flat, large to small and every other variation that a memory foam camping pillows are available in.

While searching for the best memory foam camping pillow, we found these 7 to be the most comfortable and budget-friendly among dozens of pillows. Regardless of your sleeping style and preference, the following list has a pillow for you.

Top 7 Best Memory Foam Camping Pillow Reviews

For high quality materials, great support for neck and back pain, and maintaining a comfortable temperature while sleeping, the ProComf Travel and Camping Pillow knocks of others.

If you need an expensive one to get the most comfortable pillow for camping trips, you the Honeydew Scrumptious Travel Pillow would be the best in this regard.

1. Outbright Memory Foam Camping Pillow – Most Comfortable Camping Pillow

Feature Highlights
Outbright Memory Foam Camping Pillow - Most Comfortable Camping Pillow

  • Soft and breathable bamboo cover
  • Compacts into a portable piece by folding down
  • Comes with a lightweight and waterproof carry bag
  • The cover is suitable for both hand and machine wash
  • Super lightweight; approximate 1 pound
  • Hypoallergenic camping pillow

Made from class A polyurethane shredded memory foam, the Outright camping pillow can be your best friend for several years without getting flat unlike other low-quality pillows. You can also modify the amount of foam and thickness according to your sleeping preference.

Outright brings the most comfortable camping pillow which can provide you with the highest comfort wherever you sleep by giving enough support to your neck and spine. You can also use this as a stomach pillow if you are a side sleeper.

The lavender scented pouch is super useful to cover up any unwanted damp smell and enable you to have a luxurious sleep amidst unpaved places.


  • The pillow seems a bit small for adults
  • Sometimes the shredded memory foam can be lumpy


Camping can be hectic but this memory foam pillow can make a difference, and ensure you the needed rest and sleep after a long day of exhausting activities.

2. COOP HOME GOODS – Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow for Travel and Camping

Feature Highlights

COOP HOME GOODS - Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow for Travel and Camping

  • Made with 100% breathable fabric
  • Convenient cleaning process with hand or machine wash
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Super supportive to keep you aligned
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Remains soft and comfortable even in freezing temperature

If you are a messy sleeper who sleeps in several positions, then this one is definitely for you. COOP HOME GOODS brought you a shredded memory foam camping pillow that will be supportive for every sleeping position while you take a nap after a chaotic day.

While camping, it is pretty normal to get your things dirty. The pillow is made of rayon and polyester that makes it water and dust resistant making it perfect for camping.

A stuff sack has been included with the camping pillow to compress it so that you can adjust it according to the space you have left in the backpack. You will have support, and be aligned in every surface and environment.


  • The memory foam contains a chemical smell
  • Less space on the surface for comfortable movement


You might think this pillow as a bit expensive piece, but it is totally worth it. The well-thought design and adjustable features will give you better comfort than most other camping pillows.

3. Wise Owl Outfitters Compressible Memory Foam Camping Pillow, Travel Pillow

Feature Highlights
Wise Owl Outfitters Compressible Memory Foam Camping Pillow, Travel Pillow

  • Machine washable and dryable
  • The outer shell is made with soft fabric
  • Two different size options available
  • Gives you full support because of the soft cushion
  • Almost 5 inches thick with spacious surface
  • Doesn’t absorb moisture and feel damp

Never get stressed about travelling and camping with a bulky and heavy pillow. Switch to a wise owl camping pillow which will easily fit in a small space in your backpack. Besides, you have two size options to choose from. What could be better than this!

Believe me, it is the most versatile piece you will ever find. You can use it as a car pillow, toddler’s pillow and also in chairs and beds. The microsuede fabric makes it fully breathable and comfortable. You can compress the pillow into a compact size and carry it with the included water-resistant travel bag.


  • The stitching on the cover feels flimsy and cheap
  • Might be a bit lumpy


By taking care of your night’s sleep, the wise owl outfitters have provided all the necessary features with the pillow so that you never miss the luxurious feeling of your home while camping.

4. Klymit Drift Camping Pillow – Compact Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Durable Shell

Feature Highlights
Klymit Drift Camping Pillow - Compact Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Durable Shell

  • The travel friendly outer shell is water-resistant
  • Remains inflatable after several years
  • Removable pillow cover is machine washable
  • Folds into a smaller piece for easy travelling
  • Ensures comfortable movement because of the spacious surface
  • Supports your body in every sleeping position

For maintaining the perfect balance between support and comfort, you can’t go with the Klymit camping pillow. Soft fabric made outer cover ensures comfort while the memory foam inside provides you the ultimate support.

It packs down into a small memory foam pillow for easy packing. You can customize it by removing or filling some memory foam if you like that way.

The best part of this drift pillow is that there is no hassle of carrying an extra bag with it. It has a polyester made water-resistant cover for travelling and also a soft and breathable inner to get you the much needed sleep.


  • Feels a bit heavy


If you move a lot while sleeping, and sleep in different positions, this would the perfect camping pillow for your style and preference.

5. Therm-a-Rest Compressible Foam Pillow for Camping Backpacking and Travels

Feature Highlights
Therm-a-Rest Compressible Foam Pillow for Camping Backpacking and Travels

  • Can be compressed by the drawstring and cord
  • Convenient cleaning with washing machine
  • A good hard shaking out can make it firmer
  • The soft surface of the cover maximizes comfort
  • Puncture proof and eco conscious

You need a proper sleep while camping to wake up with more energy, and be ready for all day long activities at the campsite. The therm-a-rest compressible pillow offers you the much-needed comfort when you are worn out after a long busy day, and need a good sleep.

Whether you are out for camping or traveling, this can be your right company. If you want a puffier and thicker pillow, just fill some memory foam, and make it expand into a four-inch-thick cushion to use as a support for your head, back, and neck.

The comfortable outer cover is made of brushed polyester, which feels soft against skin, and gives the feeling using a regular home pillow.


  • Might have a chemical minty smell
  • The stuffing is a bit lumpy


If you are going camping and also planning road trips, nothing can be a better option than carrying this pillow as it will be there to support you in both situations.

6. ProComf Travel and Camping Mate – Small Memory Foam Pillows for Kid’s or Adult’s

Feature Highlights
ProComf Travel and Camping Mate - Small Memory Foam Pillows for Kid's or Adult's

  • Versatile using purposes
  • Can be rolled up into a small piece
  • Ensures airflow through the memory foam
  • Good balance between firmness and softness
  • Creates a microclimate environment

Get yourself a lightweight and portable pillow, and have a comfortable power nap while travelling, camping, or between your office hours. Microcapsules with thermic coating and ventilation ducts on the pillow help to maintain the ideal temperature and necessary ventilation.

The soft cushions of this memory foam pillow ensure a perfect sleeping experience along with providing optimal support to your upper body. So, you don’t have to deal with neck and back pain while sleeping in a messy situation in camping.

With the included carrying bag, you can roll the pillow in a small diameter, and take it anywhere without fearing getting it wet or dirty.


  • Not great for the people who prefer extra soft pillows
  • Seems a bit small


You will rarely find a memory foam pillow which provides the best quality with all the necessary features. The ProComf pillow is a perfect example for being a premium yet budget-friendly camping pillow.

7. Honeydew Scrumptious Gel Memory Foam Travel Pillow – Most Comfortable Camping Pillow

Feature Highlights
Honeydew Scrumptious Gel Memory Foam Travel Pillow - Most Comfortable Camping Pillow

  • Provides neck and shoulder support
  • The pillow bag can slide to any suitcase handle
  • Effective for cooling
  • Maintains consistency for a long time
  • Takes pressure of your upper body by keeping it aligned
  • Hypo-allergenic pillow

We are going to introduce you to the travel friendly version of scrumptious pillows. Because they are made of copper infused foam with antibacterial and antimicrobial features to make sure you sleep with the right posture.

You can customize the inner filling by adjusting the firmness and thickness. The supportive material of this scrumptious pillow makes it the most comfortable travel pillow for camping that will never lose its shape even if you use it for years.

The curvature of the lower part is a cherry on top. Because it improves sleep quality and adjusts with your sleeping styles whether you are a side sleeper or stomach sleeper.


  • Might feel heavy for travelling
  • A bit overpriced


Scrumptious pillows by Honeydew are mostly known because of their cushion material that provides ultimate comfort by creating a sleeping friendly environment. I bet you will never regret buying this luxurious piece of pillow.

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ProComf Travel and Camping Mate Memory Foam Pillows

FAQ’s about Memory Foam Pillows for Camping

How long does a memory foam camping pillow last?

A camping pillow can provide its best service for 2-3 years average. But it can be used more than that if maintained properly.

Can you use a washing machine to clean pillows?

Memory foam pillow covers are mostly machine washable. But the pillows can get damaged and the machine can tear up the padding if you put them on the washing machine.

Do memory foam pillows get dust mites and bacteria?

Generally, dust mites and bacteria can’t get inside the memory foam easily because of the high density. But it will be a better option to use dust mite proof antibacterial camping pillow covers.

Is it necessary to use covers on camping pillows?

Most of the brands offer pillow covers with their camping pillow. The covers are essential because they protect the pillows from water, dust, and also prevent unwanted smell.

How can you fit a camping pillow in your bag pack?

Camping pillows are made to get fit in a small space by compressing. You can fold or roll them down to transform into a compact size, and then put in your bag.

Final Words

Hope you have already selected your best memory foam camping pillow that can assure you of tight sleep during camping nights. No matter which one you get, be sure to maintain it properly to be able to use it for years.

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