Most Comfortable Way to Sleep in a Tent on Camping Trips

The law of spending a busy life is returning home with the thought of relaxation and calming down. Nobody will mind a trekking trip through woods and rivers in such circumstances, right? Well, the fun can be even more exciting when idea of sleeping in a tent comes to mind.

It was not for me, actually! I still remember sleeping in my car seat believing that laying in the ground inside a tent is not comfortable and cozy. And actually, for someone who had absolutely no idea about tenting and hiking would possibly think the same.

But there are some ways that can help you not skip the part of laying all night inside a tent having a pleasing sleep. Yes, we are about to talk about the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent. Keep on Reading!

Most Comfortable Way to Sleep in a Tent

Most Comfortable Way to Sleep in a Tent: Our Tips

Gears, Before-Going-to-Bed Routine & More…

If you think having the most comfortable camping bed is answer to sleeping inside a tent, then that’s not completely true. There are other gears, tricks and manners apart from using comfortable tent bedding. And I’m about to disclose some really useful know-how from my personal camping experiences.

Outdoor Sleeping Is Problematic Only When Proper Gears Are Missing…

The odds of sleeping soundly no matter whether it is a backpacking or camping trip actually depends on gear list you create before such events. Right start to decide what important gears should make a place in that list can literally change the whole game.

To me, there are a few important stuffs that I can’t think about missing on a proper camping night. Let me make a listing below.

The Right Sleeping Bag

You should start by looking for a proper sleeping bag with the right style and temperature rating suitable for your camping site or destination.

If you are going somewhere that is humid enough then consider buying a car camping sleeping bag. These provide enough comfort with room to roll around easily. Also, it does not retain body heat. And so, these are inappropriate for a chilly night.

However, if you are traveling to somewhere cold, then buy a backpacking sleeping bag that comes with a mummy-shaped design. These are pretty closer and warmer in fittings. So, weight is on the light side. There could be goose or duck fillings to compress readily.

Eye Masks Are a Must

Eye masks are a great way to keep your eyes feel the darkness and enjoy a better sleep experience. There are many like me, who can’t even tolerate the slightest amount of lights.

But at a campsite, you need to keep an adequate amount of light for fighting wild creatures and stay safe. And so, to make a peace with such situations good sleeping eye mask can really come handy.

Comfy Pillows

Camp pillows that come with inflatable features are a thing these days. Even sleeping bags come with pockets to hold folded clothing or such pillows and give extra sleeping comfort.

So, make sure you have a few lightweights and portable pillows on the list. At least for those who can’t stand their head feeling heavy or uneven while sleeping on the ground.

Ear Plugs for Creepy Wild Noises

At a campsite, it’s not surprising to hear weird and scary noises coming from the deep forest or surroundings. If you or any of your team members is a scaredy-cat, then don’t forget a few pairs of earplugs.

You should not miss these gears anyways because they are often necessary to sleep peacefully in a loud place. And you are pretty supposed to wake up with sounds of birds chirping or squirrels chattering noises.

Area Selection for Tent Is Your Key

If you are desperate on how to make tent camping comfortable then it should start with the proper tent placement and every expert camper will agree.

My first and foremost stress that starts rising once I reach the campsite is about pitching a tent on a durable flat area. You need to have a space that is free from racks, pinecones, and sticks. Trust me, this is the base tip of camping inside a tent that you absolutely should not ignore.

Lightings Are Beautiful, Fun & Safe

Outdoor nights are beautiful! But dark as well. So, don’t be surprised by the amount of depth in darkness when camping outside. You need to wear a handy headlamp. Or at least keep a flashlight at your reach for all times.

LED lanterns are outstanding choice for simply hanging them inside the tent. You can simply turn them on when it’s time to prepare your bed.

If you are interested in these features, opt for a tent that comes with built-in LED lights. The gentle glowing effect is really wonderful as well as worth extra money.

Making Kids Feel Familiar with The Surroundings

How to sleep comfortably in a tent with kids is a very important issue that needs to be discussed as well. If you’re tenting with kids, often they don’t really accept the new surrounding with excitement as you do.

And that’s pretty normal when it comes to spending a night outside. So, make them do stuff that they are used-to before going to bed. Like brushing their teeth, wearing baby lotions and reading kid books.

The feel of normalcy will come to play and make environment much easier to accept. You can also use some familiar toys or bedding stuff that can provide a sense of reassuring for your kids.

Food Handling & Storage Rules

Before going to bed, don’t bring the tension of whether your breakfast will disappear due to hungry raccoons and bears around. If you are camping inside an area where animals are around, then store food in some container that can resist smell from going outside. This will keep food for the next day safe and eatable.

My Before-Bed Camp Diary to Follow

The trick on how to sleep better in a tent also depends on your pre-bedtime routine on a campsite. Yes, it does wonders for me.

There are a few things I tend to follow out of my own instinct that got included with passing year of camping. And I’ll try to sum them upright now.

Good Sleepwear That’s Clean

Don’t ever wear something dirty or sweaty for going to bed. You’re in a surrounding that is already quite possible of bringing you unwanted fevers and flues. Don’t increase the risk by wearing inappropriate and uncomfortable sleepwear.

Go for long lingerie, trousers and full-sleeve t-shirts with clean socks. These are important to save you from diseases and cold.

Answering Nature’s Call

Before you actually jump inside the sleeping bag, make sure to pee. You should go half an hour prior to sleeping and then once again immediately before laying. This can help to avoid midnight trips.

However, if the need pops up, there should be a pair of sandals or camp shoes near you. So, make sure to place a pair right next to your camp tent door. Make sure you know where the headlamp is and also don’t forget to keep a foot cleaning doormat outside.

A Tiny Bottle of Water at Your Bed-side

This is for those who get dehydrated quite often. Even when they are sleeping. This is a pretty important step for me, because when I don’t drink plenty of water throughout a cold night, my skin gets super dry no matter what amount of moisturizer was applied that night.

So, if you are someone similar or just need to drink water to keep yourself hydrated (which you must) then don’t forget to keep a water bottle next to your bedding or sleeping bag.

Using Bug Repellants

My first reason why I didn’t love the idea of sleeping outside were bugs. I’m very sacred of wild insects because of my horrible memory from childhood, getting stung by a bee. And so, I never forget to use permethrin when camping outside.

This is a pretty effective insecticide that can control the pest. Also using a good mosquito repellant spray is pretty necessary for spending a night outside. You don’t want to wake up slapping your own face. That Really Hurts!


Finally, the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent is by feeling relaxed inside your head. Make yourself believe that you’ll probably feel comfortable and you can do it. It’s often our mind playing games and causing reasons to think of problems that are bound to happen but could be managed anyways.

And with camping, its’ actually fun to survive in a situation that you won’t regularly come up with. So be prepared, geared and mentally happy about the fact. Follow the tips that I suggested and there are plenty more you’ll learn by end of each camping trip.

Campers often quote that spending a night outside makes them spiritually and bodily more aware and calmer. Don’t keep yourself out from those amazing feelings.

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