Learn How to Stay Warm in a Tent at a Cold Camping Site

Learn How to Stay Warm in a Tent at a Cold Camping Site

Yes, we love having the time of our life spending at campsites that are in a full swing during the warmness of spring and summer.

But hey, it’s also fine if you love the feel during the winters. As that’s also a time when nature has some unique beauty to pour and mesmerize us.

Now, what you could be worrying about is the cold at night and how would you possibly manage to stay warm inside a tent if it’s too much to bear.

Well, there are a few tips that I want to share and help you enjoy a warm night without worrying much about the low temperature outside. Today, let’s figure out how to stay warm in a tent by using some truly working tips.

Discussing 8 Tips on How to Stay Warm in a Tent Comfortably

Of course, buying the best tent to keep warm and toasty, ensuring a few cozy clothes are inside your bag, and bringing some hot beverages along are usual things you’ll do anyways for planning a night outside.

Also, keep in mind that the weather doesn’t have to be winter specifically. In few areas, it’s warm and comfy in the morning till evening while nights seem freezing. And that’s exactly how certain regions are.

So, it’s best to know these tips and tactics for keeping yourself warm inside the tent no matter what season you plan to trip. Keep on Reading…

Discussing 8 Tips on How to Stay Warm in a Tent Comfortably - best tent to keep warm and toasty

A Bit of a Homework Before the Actual Trip Is Necessary

Let’s be honest, it’s actually a bit boring to do stuff such as research. But with camping, you have to pay attention to what the weather conditions could be during your trip. And also, being aware of the terrain you’ll be camping in is a necessary piece of information.

Imagine showing up at the spot underdressed. No doubt you’ll be scared to spend the night with less clothing. Also, there are so many stories of newbie campers ending up in a head-down trail situation. They were only able to realize there’s no nice place to set the tent up when it was already quite late.

And all these hassles won’t be your case only if you choose to research earlier. So don’t make such mistakes and lose your chance of comfortable camping. Do your research about the place and climate. And then plan the trip according to that information.

Even if it directly does not involve staying warm inside your tent, it will help you figure out what steps are necessary to take for making that happen.

Be Picky When Choosing Campsite

best way to stay warm in camping tentDetermining the best way to stay warm in camping tent also means you have to mindful of picking an ideal campsite.

The matter of air rising and sinking when it’s warm or cold is true. And this tells us why it’s important to be a bit careful when picking campsites.

Avoiding the valley down situation is ideally preferable. And also, you don’t want to end up in too windy sites. For example, the mountaintop areas. The preferable spot should be on moderate elevation.

Plus, it needs some shielding from the wind. And that area will hold your tent in a slight incline way. Underneath the tent, go for placing some tarp. And this will help to keep all cold moisture away from you while sleeping.

Making Some Preparation on The Site

Before you put the tent down, make sure all the snow is flattened well. You can entirely clear away the snow if necessary. But it’s important to keep things on a level surface. Smoothing the tent floor will further make it clear for you to have ample sleeping space.

Also, you want to really focus when clearing the snow out, those are likely to meltdown super quick. And that can lead to reforming into ice again while being beneath you.

Temperature Appropriate Sleeping Pad is a Must

Camping Sleeping Pad in a tentOne thing that keeps your sleeping body away from the hard, cold ground is sleeping pad. There is a good chance you’ll end up waking up in the middle of the night shivering in cold because of not having a proper sleeping pad.

And so, it’s important you pay attention to the R-value and buy yourself a quality pad. The temperature rating is basically what refers to the R-value. And you want to make sure it’s correlating with the weather of your campsite.

Once you ensure a proper sleeping pad, warmth and coziness will have a better chance to help you have a sound sleep.

The Classic Belly Bottle Tactic to Keep Your Body Warm

heat a tent with a candleYou will need a backpacking stove and a regular water bottle. Boil some water on the stove and fill it inside your bottle. Then place it inside the sleeping bag. It’s a fabulous body warming trick that’s also called a belly or crotch bottle.

Some even go for a heating pad to place right against the belly. And it really helps to generate heat throughout the night. You’ll also find numerous campers sharing their experience to heat a tent with a candle.

However, as a newbie camper that can be a bit risky as if you leave the thing unattended, the tent can catch on fire.

Don’t Skip Having a Whole-hearted Dinner

Another fabulous trick that really works at increasing your body temperature is something weird as having a hearty dinner. Yes, you specifically want to include foods that are rich as well as fatty.

The foods that are filled with butter and high-fat meals are your best friend at camping sites. These are something you can eat without guilt at camps. It may sound not a very diet-friendly tip, but do you know at hiking you’ll need around 600 calories each day.

Now looking at that much of calorie necessity, having dinner with fats and protein-based meals won’t seem any more problematic. And of course, the food will make your body quite warm, which eventually will work for a cold night campsite situation for you. You may also want to include warm drinks.

Well-Covered & Dry Feet and Head

keep a tent warm without electricityWhen you have to keep a tent warm without electricity, you’ll need to make the heat not escape your body. And one great way to do so is to make sure your feet and top part of your head are well covered.

Make sure to pack enough hiking socks that are thick. Also, you want some warm hats for the additional insulation effect. Now just because it’s a hiking sock, it does not mean you’ll be using the same pair for sleeping.

Bring separate socks. There’s no way I’m advising you to wear those sweaty socks to ruin the night. You can simply tuck one inside the sleeping bag so that it does not get mixed up with the ones meant for hiking.

Get the Best Use Out of Your Mummy Bag

If you are someone who prefers to keep more than just their nose and mouth popping out from the mummy bag while asking how to keep warm in a tent, then it’s pretty disappointing actually.

Now, I understand if you are Claustrophobic and cannot help but do so. But if it’s simply something you do because the extra hood fabric makes a nice head pillow, then it’s problematic.

You must understand a mommy bag is designed to keep your face wrapped inside the insulated hood. And that’s probably something keeping you away from staying warm all night. Practice only keeping your mouth and nose outside the bag. Everything else should be inside and you’ll notice the difference yourself.

Wrapping Up

And those were eight suggestions that are simple to utilize and keep the tent warm. I hope your curious mind asking how to stay warm in a tent has some sort of answer now.

And the next time you get worried about a camping plan at a moderately cold spot, you’ll know exactly what to do and handle things. See you soon on some other fun camp-related discussion. Happy Camping!

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